2018/5/13(SUN) 13:00 Start


Get Interdisciplinary

'Interdisciplinary': involving two or more different subjects or areas of knowledge.
Many interdisciplinary researches have left big impacts to the world.
However, Japan has still yet a long way to go with such researches.
Through this event, we aim to break the walls between different majors and spread the knowledge and ideas.

What is TEDxTitech?

TEDxTitech was started in 2012 as a part of ‘TEDx comminication’ under the license of TED.

TEDxTitech aims to seek the idea in Titech that can change the world and spread it to people. It shares common idea with TED to share the “Ideas Worth Spreading” among people.

What is TED?

TED is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 with the purpose of spreading the ideas worth spreading. The idea that three words Technology, Entertainment and Design combines together to change the shape of the world is the background behind naming TED.

TED holds various events throughout the year. But there are two main events that are global in range. First one is ‘TEDConference’ held at Vancouver, Canada in spring and second is ‘TEDGlobal’ held at different parts of the world in summer.

Beside, ‘TEDTalks’ releases more than 2300 presentations to public for free with the aim of sharing ‘Ideas worth sharing’ to all people.

What is TEDx?

TEDx is also an independent community operated at different part of the world under the license of the TED with the same motto ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.

Overall process is being provided to TEDx by TED but the local events organized by TEDx are independent. The event is also called TEDx and people from respective areas can experience same experience as TED through TEDx.


Event Info

Date 2018.5.13(Sun)
13:00 START
Schedule 12:00 Door Open
13:00 Sessions Start
18:00 Reception Party
21:00 Close
Place Tokyo Tech Oookayama Campus Digital Hall
Audiences 100 people
Entrance Fee Students 1,000 yen
Others 4,000 yen
How to Entry? Please wait for the application to open
Access 5minutes walk from Oookayama station


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